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The Apartment UPDATE 1.01 RELEASED

Just in time for Halloween experience the terror that is the Apartment!

This game has an incredible eerie atmosphere with an evil entity making our main characters life a living hell in his apartment. The game is a love letter to 80's horror flicks and video nasties it has plenty of jump scares and strange events that you will experience when playing. The game is best played with headphones and preferably in the dark, it is a horror game after all, for users who have purchased the game all future updates will be free this includes any extra episodes.

Thankyou and I hope you enjoy the game, if there are any bugs please get in contact the game has been tested thoroughly but if you experience any bugs i would like them reported.

The Apartment v1.01 now available

- Various bugs reported have now been resolved

- Added content

Next update features a new chapter trailer coming soon

Thank you for the support